Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A D.C. Engagement (sans engagement pictures)

The following are a few pictures of my recent trip with Jericho to D.C. This post would have been up earlier but I was still having a silent war with my camera. It doesn't know, but I still haven't forgiven it and will probably end up replacing it. Should have thought twice before deciding to eat my pictures. Amazingly enough, all the pictures that were erased from my camera are the ones post-engagement. So these are the ones from sight-seeing. Fabulous, I know.

The Montana Christmas tree and the Capitol. Note all the construction and fake-marble seating for the upcoming Inauguration.
We wanted to go to the new visitors center but had a hard time figuring out where it was. We were a little distracted. It was the first place we went after the drive up there so our main concern was a bathroom and something to eat.
Ah. Victory. The cold weather didn't keep the street vendors from being out and selling their delicious hot dogs. And we were very grateful.
We started at the Capitol and made our way down the Mall, stopping as we went. This is us waiting in line at the Smithsonian. It was quite cold that day but fortunately it didn't rain like the forecast said. There was actually a surprising amount of people touring the sights, it also being the day after Christmas.
While on the trip I became increasingly more irritated with camera because it doesn't allow for any good night settings. I have about 4 times as many pictures than I need because I tried taking pictures in every setting my camera offers. This is one of the only ones that turned out of the Washington Monument.

Our stopping point on the Mall tour was the Lincoln Memorial. Also the sight of Jericho's proposal. Before we left for D.C., I had my suspicions that Jericho would propose while we were there. (I'm a difficult person to surprise [in many respects]. I'm ready for everything, like a cat.) If he did propose while we were there, I was thinking he'd do it at the D.C. LDS Temple, which we went to after we were done with downtown (pictures, of course, are lost somewhere in technology land). Anyway, since the Lincoln Memorial was our last stop, we had a seat off to the side to rest for a bit . We just sat there, on the freezing marble, people watching and talking. Then he suddenly turned to me with the ring and asked me to marry him. OF COURSE!!! He has noted that he, on more than one occassion, threatened me that I wasn't allowed to say no, but I assured him that I make my own decisions despite feeble threats of violence.

I have enjoyed the comments that people have given congratulating me on the engagement. Especially those that say things "It's about time!" It's true. This engagement has taken quite a process to come about. But it was worth it. We are very happy and very excited!!! I've been cautioned how much work is required in a marriage but I'd say that Jericho and I have had our share of work in the past 2 years. I've also been asked if I feel any different, and I actually don't. We've been talking and planning marriage for so long that having the ring just seems like a formality. As far as a date goes, it will most likely be at the end of April. Well, now it comes time to plan the wedding! Since flowers and decorations really aren't my thing, I appreciate any advice all the married folk can share.


  1. Yay! Good story! I'm glad you (finally!) posted so I can stop my feverish refreshing of your blog and facebook page ;)

  2. I see you selected a street vendor hot dog... That's my favorite part of the story! Congrats Kelley!

  3. While I don't know Courtney I feel exactly the same way! AND my dear friend, if you remember a "Spring Break" about 6 or 7 years ago there was once a book made that would probably take care of the care of the wedding planning. I don't know that you still have it, but I believe the cover is sparkly. :) AND CONGRATULATIONS again! I'm so happy for you!

  4. Woo Hoo! Dan and I are both really excited. Here is my simple thought on marriage: It is only work if you make it work. We tend to lean more on the side of fun. There are difficult times but -- we are still grossly happy with each other. Congratulations. We can't wait!

  5. I am VERY happy for you guys! This is just beyond awesome. It's always fun when you get to see two of your friends end up engaged. You guys are a great couple and I know you may kill me for saying it but I can't wait to see what your babies are gonna look like! LOL

  6. Congratulations! Christian and I are so happy for you guys! You asked for advice from married people about wedding preparations, so my one tip would be to keep your invitations simple, because otherwise they could turn into a big huge disgusting mess. I made extremely complicated invitations myself, and I cried more than once over them. I won't give you advice about marriage itself, because a) I don't feel qualified, b) I think you'll be okay, and c) you'll get enough of it from self-important, well-meaning people anyway.

  7. Kelley, i am so glad I found this. Will you add me to your friends list? We will add you to ours. Check out our blog too when you have a minute. Congrats again on the engagement!

    -Adam Rudd

  8. My advice on wedding preparation is to allow someone else to do most of it :), but I suppose you could only do that if you really don't have an opinion on most things, which I didn't so it worked. I let the 'adults' (cause apparently I wasn't one?) take care of everything which was super nice.


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