Thursday, September 11, 2008

In your personal opinion...

I am beginning to notice a trend in my blog entries. That trend being the number of comments that I receive per entry. They are going down. While this may come as a great shock to some of you (myself included) while others (who probably aren't seeing this post anyway because you are clearly on a temporary hiatus from reading my spectacular blog-ness) didn't really notice one way or the other.

So my
question to you is this... what changes do I need to make in my posts/entries to stimulate more feedback? I read a good number of other blogs. I see what kinds of comments people make and on what kinds of blogs and blogging entries. So I have narrowed down the options for my changes. Please select from the following choices or make up one of your own:

a) S
tatus updates on my life and events
b) More details on my thoughts, feelings, and other such personal angst
c) Personal interpretations of current events/politics
d) Church/gospel-related topics
e) Book reviews
d) Group-participatory surveys/questions

I recently
gave my mother a hard time for not reading my blog. I exclaimed with (some) joking tones that if I was posting pictures of my children/her grandchildren she would be more likely to read it. She agreed. So clearly that is one sure fire way to get more readers - have babies. I'll get right on that.
Aside from having children, I am currently looking for other ways to give my blog a bit of a kick in the pants. Give feedback if you choose but let's be honest, I'm probably still going to post on whatever the heck I want. I'm just bored of looking at the same post on my blog for the past week.


  1. I honestly don't want to hear about babies, being pregnant, or any such stuff like that. I have too many friends with blogs that talk about their newborn or growing bellies. Don't care! (okay, I care, but it gets old.)
    I read, I just don't comment often.
    Not big on surveys and group participatory things. I like reading your thoughts/insights on whatever topic you feel like.
    I also like reading things that explain you.
    But whatever the heck you want to write about, I'll read.

  2. I like to hear about everything: babies, bellies, thoughts, dreams, accidents,books, boredom, etc., etc. I think since more people are using the Reader they aren't making least that's the way it is for me. probably b/c the Reader allows you to read everyones blog on a single web page but won't allow you to make a comment unless you actually go to their website, which adds an extra step(i know i'm lazy sometimes). Also with more and more people writing blogs I barely find the time to read all my friends/family blogs, which means actually writing comments becomes a little harder

  3. Comment:) I look forward to future blogs about your babies and marriage, not in that order, but until then, I am content and happy to read whatever is on your mind, since I oftentimes think, "what is that girl thinking?". Your blog gives me at least some insight into what's on your mind. I think I enjoy most your thoughts and opinions on the complexities and craziness of this thing we call "life".

  4. I have a bad habit of getting my blog fix on Google Reader, where not commenting is easy and shame-free. It has nothing to do with you. It's me. I'm a selfish blogger. And I have a problem.

  5. Well I usually don't comment on any of those types of blogs...I usually only comment if I think I have a funny comment. I don't want to look stupid and say something boring.

  6. Personally I think you should post about whatever strikes you as interesting enough to post. I like your blogs, I don't really read the book reviews just because, but I think you're blog is fantastic like it is.


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