Thursday, September 25, 2008

drive me crazy

Many of you may be aware of the Raleigh radio station 100.7. It's a "classic rock" station and the only one in the Triangle area. We used to have 106.1 as classic rock, instead of the present country designation, which was MUCH better and clearly more true to the "classic rock" genre. But that's not the point why I bring it up. The radio station has these cutesy little pre-recorded intros to songs every now and then. I heard one the other day that said: "If you remember paying less than $1 for gas, you'll love this station." This statement makes very little sense to me. Clearly this station did not do research before making this recording. When I started driving, a mere 10 years ago, I was paying less than a dollar for gas. I'm not sure if you will find anyone that would define "classic rock" as the late-90s pop persuasion with such timeless trailblazers as Britney Spears and Ricky Martin. They in fact play a lot of music from the 70s, which I would consider more likely classic rock. But wasn't there an oil crisis in 70s? So the proper tag-line for this station should be: "If you remember being restricted to buy gas on days that corresponded with your license plate ending in an even or odd number, you'll love this station."

My second segment on driving-related angst is on the lovely phenomenon of the on-looker delay. Over the past month I have been driving 45 minutes to and from work every day. This is not a fun drive. The majority of the commute is on I-40, the main stretch of highway between Raleigh and Chapel Hill. Anyone who has driven with me on a regular basis knows that I am not one for road rage. It's a completely wasted emotion. Anyway. Ever since I've had this regular commute, I've been victim of many more idiocy-induced traffic issues which are testing my normally calm driving attitude. One of those being the onlooker delay. I know that I cannot change the way people drive while I'm on the road. I recognize that I do not have that much power. Though I do feel that I can change the world one blog-post at a time. So I am saying this to my 3 readers out there: STOPPING TAPPING YOUR BREAKS ON THE HIGHWAY! IT IS POSSIBLE TO LOOK AT THE SIDE OF THE ROAD WITHOUT SLOWING TO THE SPEED OF SPIT. BETTER YET - DON'T LOOK!

The other part of onlookers delays that I don't understand is this: Last summer I drove cross country with a friend of mine. We had some car trouble. We needed a jump. We were on a major highway near some decent civilization. It was broad day light. We stood on the side of the road attempting to wave cars down. Cars kept driving. I had a sign that said "HELP". 30 minutes pass. Cars kept driving. I flipped my sign over and wrote "I'm not wearing any underwear." (Ok not really, but in hindsight that probably wouldn't have been a bad idea). Cars were nice enough to move into the far lane of the highway. But still, did not stop. An hour went by before someone stopped. People are all ready and willing to gawk at you when you are on the side of the road but much more hesitant to actually do something about what caused you to BE on the side of the road in the first place. Maybe it's because we were in the mid-west and people aren't as loving as they are here in the south.


  1. I have road rage. And I honestly think people SUCK at driving.
    Somedays I include myself in that.
    And I firmly believe that no brake lights should be had on the freeway/highway unless you are exiting, and then only apply them when in the exit lane.

  2. Is 100.7 classic rock? I thought it was an oldies station. hmm. I prefer 96 Rock for the "classic" rock, they usually play some really good stuff.
    Aaaand... yeah put people behind the wheel of a 2300+lb hunk of metal and they all of a sudden become morons, it's just life. People+cars=no brain. I totally understand how you feel about the onlooker slow down, it SUCKS!

  3. I have used my jumper cables TWICE in the last month. Next time you need a jump, make sure you are near Athens. I'll come help you!

  4. I submit that if you had been a lone female or two lone females some trucker like the one in Thelma and Louise would have stopped to help you.

  5. I submit that if you had written the underwear comment on the sign and I had driven by I would have laughed myself into the ditch and then been stuck on the side of the road with you, but at least I would have stopped.

  6. I had a professor use the same gas comment. He was trying to make the point that he was old (in his mid 40's) and said that he remembered gas when it costs $.60. Please I remember when it cost that much. I was almost of driving age at that point.
    Second. I was driving and slowed down to gawk. But it was in my neighborhood. A man was laying down on the side of the road. He had a molest-a-stache so I did not stop.


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