Friday, May 2, 2008

The things I do on Fridays...

I am looking to move soon. Therefore I was on craigslist looking for possible furniture options that didn't freak me out. On the main page I caught sight of the "personals" section. Under the personals there is a subgroup for "missed connections." I thought I would share some of these with you and hopefully it will entertain your Friday as much as it has mine and see if you come up with the same conclusions regarding the caliber of individuals our society generates...
Neuse pest control guy - You were at my parents house today doing a quarterly did the outside part and your coworker was doing the inside. Anyways, you were hot and I was wondering if you were single. You probably wont see this but if by any chance that you do tell me about anything that you saw during that time. There was tons going on. Just in case you were the guy with the darker hair. Hope I hear back from you! (what was she DOING?!? good gracious woman!)
Cutie in the White Tahoe - w4m - 29 (Kmart- Western Blvd) -"I got to look at you twice in the parking lot- around 12pm." (the location is what gets me on this one...)
Hot Squat! Wed 4/23 round 4 - w4m (Davi's) - I was waiting for a firing lane you were squatting to look at something on the bottom shelf. You caught my eye and then they called my name for an open lane. I need a buddy at the range. Are you interested? ("squat" is such an attractive word... agree? Plus, whenever you bring a mutual love of guns into the mix, you know you got a winner)
checking smokeless tobacco - w4m - 25 (Morrisville) - About a week ago you were checking the smokeless tobacco at Harris Teeter. I thought you were absolutley gorgeous. You accidentally touched the small of my back when we ran into each other behind the counter; I got all giddy and would love to talk to you again outside of work. I am currently in a relationship, seems like I always am, but deep down know I haven't found that perfect person yet... (waiting around in the beer section for Mr. Right hasn't been working for me... maybe I should take this chick's lead and go with the chew)
Hey Mr. Bus Driver - w4m - 20 (NCSU) - You were driving the Village Green bus today around 3:00pm, I walked out in front of you and you had to slam on the brakes not to hit me. Wanna come over and give me a safety lesson? (I think this would have been a greater act of natural selection... )
CLUB BLVD EXIT + HWY 85 EXXON - m4w - 44 (nc) - you , tarheel bunny , 6 pack , candy , white van , me , dirty jeans , harley t shirt , grape juice , blue van. i don't know if it takes much time for you to look so good , or if anyone notices , BUT I SURE DID! nothing but the best will surely happen if you respond. if not then you will be the best looking memory i have. (I hope these two get together, with their matching vans, and she can teach him how to drink more than just grape juice, especially if he's going to be sportin the Harley T)
Roller derby Referee stole my heart! - m4w (Dorton Arena) - Yesterday was my second derby and I decided to sit next to the track. I guess I just happened to pick a spot right next to where the referee's stand because you were right next to me for most of the game and I missed a lot of the action because I was staring at you... Stripes and argyle never looked so good together! (this is beautiful. I know Kmart and gas stations are great places to meet people, but the Roller Derby? It's almost poetic)


  1. Check out this other one I just found:




  2. My question is.. do they honestly think this person is going to be reading these?
    And wow love your commentary! That's beyond hilarious!

  3. I haven't laughed so hard at work in a long time... Classic!

  4. i LOVE it!!! seriously who does that? i have no idea, but i'm glad that they do.


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