Tuesday, May 13, 2008

fate and fruity water

some of you may have seen a recent commercial for glaceau vitamin water (the company that makes smart water). the commercial appropriately features 50 cent conducting a symphony that begins to play "in da club"...(i dont know about you, but when i think nutrition, i think multi-platinum selling rapper who's been shot nine times). the water tags itself as a "nutrient enhanced water beverage." i'm actually a fan. i like that it's basically water, save for just a smidge of flavor, and not overloaded with sugar or artificial ingredients. i began purchasing one flavor in particular that is named "energy". it's tropical citus with vitamin b and guarana. seemed fitting for the workday when "energy" isn't really coming in spades. without really planning on it, i started drinking my special water on tuesdays (soccer day). then i noticed there is a fun little snippet on the side of my water bottle. to inspire me or something. snapple has their factoids under the bottle cap. vitamin water has motivational messages for drinking fruity water. "energy"'s reads as follows:

in soccer (excuse us mexico, spain, and italy, we mean "futbol"), there isn't a more exciting moment than when the announcer screams "gooooooooal" (yelling "ooooffffsiddde" never quite caught on). with that said, we added b vitamins and guarana to give you an extra kick (pun intended). so now when you're watching soccer, playing soccer, coaching soccer, driving kids to soccer or doing anything that starts with "socc" and ends with "er," you too can have the energy of a raving lunatic to yell "gooooooooooal."

so here's to my new drink and it's uncannily applicable words of wisdom. my soccer team's final game of the season is tonight. i'm excited. i'll be the one playing like a raving lunatic, high on my fiddy cent energy vitamin water.

*yes i am aware that i wrote this post in all lowercase text. if you go to the website, you'll notice that all their text is lowercase. that's also how the bottles read. it's an interesting website, yet also quite annoying. way too much animation if you ax me. but do go to vitamin tv and watch the commercials. the shaq one is especially funny.*

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  1. SO funny! Personally I LOOOVE smart water. Good luck tonight I hope your raving lunatic antics win you the game!


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