Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm expecting...

It's official. The wheels are in motion. The research has been done. I have consulted and test driven. I am expecting a new vehicle. The official time of arrival has yet to be determined but it looks like she'll be coming 'round the mountain in the next month. I'm really excited about this purchase. I feel so adult. My main dilemma right now is whether or not I should go new or used. Any thoughts? Suggestions? I am keeping her identity veiled for the moment in the event that plans fall through, you, as my devoted readers, are not as disappointed as I am. We all need to stay emotionally guarded at this point...


  1. I would go used. As you know, we got our Toyota Sienna new and even though I loved it, I'm sure I would've loved a year old one too and we could've gotten it for probably $10,000 cheaper...and of course the minute you drive a new car off the lot the value of the car drops significantly.

  2. a little love never hurt anyone, not even a car! save the extra thousands and go for a year or two old. you'll thank yourself down the road. (though never having been in this situation.. i just hope this is the advice i would receive because i would want that brand new car soooo badly.) can't wait!!


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