Friday, December 14, 2007

mobius strips of our lives

This was my Daily Dilbert today. Every now and then I get one that really fits the office life in my world. Pretty much anyone who has to work with and rely on others to complete tasks or that has anything remotely complicated in their job can relate to this feeling. There's nothing like getting jazzed and rolling on a project only to have it derailed because you're waiting on a phone call or document in the mail. Unfortunately, not all individuals in our lives understand our lack of completion - in whatever applicable area of life - due to circumstances out of our control. I often feel that life is very much like a Mobius strip - one aspect is influencing another, that's influencing another. Ok, now I feel like I'm talking in a Mobius strip.
Client case study number 257:
"can we see a paper trail of the phone calls you've made regarding our case?" "No. They were phone calls." "How do we know you've been working on our case?" "B/c we were" "We didn't see that" "That's b/c we file at the courthouse" "Could you have updated us?" "We did." "That wasn't the whole truth. We didn't know there were problems with our case." "There weren't" "Then how come our case isn't done." "B/c it's not time yet" "but you haven't done anything yet" "Yes we have" "Why didn't we know? Could you have sent us updates?" We did" "What did you do to fix the problems?" "There weren't any problems. We called to ask questions to move it along in it's proper time" "What time was that?" "Six months" "What were the problems to make it take so long?" "Six months isn't long" "Why was the case in a holding stage and incomplete at the courthouse then?" "Because all cases go there until they are finished" "How come ours isnt' finished then?" "Because it's incomplete" "Then what is the problem" "There is no problem" "Why didn't you tell us you needed more paperwork?" "Because it wasn't paperwork from you" "But why didn't you tell us?" "Because we had it taken care of" "What did you do about it" "We called the courthouse" "Why didn't they call you back, but they called us back and that's when things finally started getting fixed." "I thank you for making that call b/c it got things taken care of for us." "Why did'nt you make the call" "We did" "Do you have a paper trail showing that" "No." "Why not" "Because they were phone calls" "Why didn't our case get done in 2 days?" "Because that's not possible" "Why didn't you let us know there was something wrong" "There wasn't anything wrong" We've been here before... I recognize that tree.

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  1. My brief tenure working in an attorney's office gives me cause to totally understand your dilemma and why those in the field's cheese is slipping from their crackers!


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