Monday, December 10, 2007


I've finally gotten around to posting updates from Thanksgiving, etc.

I finally got a trip planned out west to see my brother and his family for Thanksgiving. I flew out with my parents for about a week. We ate an awesome dinner and enjoyed the leftovers for days after!! My mom, Elisa, and I along with the kiddies were swallowed up by IKEA for a couple of hours. I love IKEA. I always feel inadequate about all of my housewares when I go there.

We went to a family night Christmas celebration for the town of Riverton. It was sooooo cold and I was reminded why I don't want to have 200 children. It snowed one day! Probably the most snow I'll see all winter since it's 70 degrees in Raleigh. It was so great to hang out with my family and play games and chat. Too bad it only happens about once a year... :(
For more pictures and info, see Scotty's blog.

Here a few of my favorite pics from the week:

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