Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Over

We're done.
11 months and 4 days. Done.
Padabure. Padabure. Kick ball change. Jazz hands. Jazz hands. Jiggity Jig.
If I ever ran longer than 2 miles at once, I'd eloquently relate this to the end of a race and how there's all that overwhelming distance facing you at the beginning and all those painful times you don't think you're ever, ever going to finish. But I don't run so I'm just assuming it's something like that. 
As with all things, there is always an end. 
And we finally got there. 

The end.


  1. Hurray! I am so happy for you guys!

  2. I think the "jazz hands" really summed it up. No runners analogy even necessary!

    So happy you are all together! Just a little while left before your family gets bigger! yay!

  3. Sydney: Hmm, I wonder how I would look in this color?

  4. Yay! I'm happy you're all together again!

  5. I have never seen anyone 'write' a dance. What a great way to express how happy you are! It was awesome to see Jericho get up to say the prayer last sunday. I have only seen him in photos (mostly) so it was kind of like seeing a rock star. I seriously had to stop myself from shouting "Hey, that's JERICHO!!"


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