Monday, June 4, 2012

Things I'm Learning 2.0

Second pregnancy is easier and harder than first pregnancy. Harder because all the not-so-happy things come earlier and more noticeably, i.e. nausea, aches and pains, big belly. Easier because the time goes by much quicker. I'm already a couple weeks shy of 3rd trimester. Wha?!?

I have no idea how I'm going to continue carrying Sydney in her car seat as we both keep getting bigger. Maybe I'll prop her up on my growing belly.

I'm glad I'm showing more. Having a baby under one year old while looking only slightly pregnant made it look like I'm really holding on to the baby weight.

People continue to work to understand my current baby + new pregnancy situation. I met with a Doc at my OB that I haven't seen since the night before Sydney's delivery. He seemed confused why I was there again. "I think I remember you. But it was for a different baby??" "Yes. Back this soon."

The number one thing people tell you when they find out you'll have babies 14 months apart: they'll be the BEST of friends!! I haven't figured out if this is comforting enough to get me through the first year. [btw, one of the reasons I'm glad I'm having a boy - teenage girls 14 months apart would have killed me].

Not sitting at a desk all day is doing wonders for fat-feet syndrome.

I'm getting better at picking things up with my toes.

I think I lack the gene that allows me to find nearly any pregnancy photos cute and not incredibly cheesy. Or creepy. But those creepy ones I think we can all agree on.

The missing aforementioned gene may be a ruse for the fact that I will never, ever be a cute, photographable pregnant girl.

Ok, I do have a heart. I think this is freaking adorable.
Maybe I'll cave and try to do this with Sydney, if she doesn't eat the chalkboard first.



  1. Congrats on baby #2! Try not to stress too much, I bet it will be easier than you expect. I've found that to be true with each of ours. I'm expecting #4 in just a few weeks - 15 months after #3 and the thing I keep hearing over and over and over again is, "You'll sure have your hands full!" Really? I never would have realized that without your kind warning. ;)

  2. my baby eats everything too! i'm kinda ready to move past this stage. And I agree with you about pregnancy photos.


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