Friday, May 13, 2011

Some things I'm learning- Part 3

The definition of Layette: an outfit of clothing, bedding, etc., for a newborn baby. I had never heard this word in my life until a few months ago.

Every time Jericho asks about the baby, talks "at" the baby or hugs me around my round tummy, it melts my heart. When we are saying our goodbyes in the morning, he'll often say "I love you, both." Though I think I've discovered that when I tell him to feel the baby move and excitedly ask "Did you feel that??" and he says "Yes", he's sometimes lying so I'll leave him alone.

I don't like when people give me wiser-than-me comments on parenting. I.E. "Oh, just you wait" or "You have so much to learn." This is often followed by a little smile and sideways glance at another nearby parent like all parents are in on a secret joke. I hope to make an effort to not treat all non-parents like they have yet to join the super-cool parenting club and because I've been a parent for 5 seconds means I have insta-parenting genius. This may not be a big problem since the first few months of parenting will probably have the ease and grace of wrestling an octopus into a cardboard box.

My appetite has not been as ravenous as I expected. Our culture portrays pregnant women shoveling in food like the plane is going down but I haven't experienced this. Maybe it'll come later. At 28 weeks, I only feel slightly more hungry. It's moreso that I'm hungrier more often instead of increased hunger per meal. I do get a little sicky feeling when I eat too much of something sweet. This has thankfully not affected my ability to eat ice cream, my only noticeable craving so far. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure this "craving" is pregnancy specific.

I will not be hand-quilting baby quilts for my subsequent children.

I'm enjoying strangers making comments to me about my pregnancy. It makes me feel special. And also that I'm finally clearly pregnant and not just like I'm gaining weight. People are always happy when they comment on your pregnancy. At least that's been my experience. I do know women who've had horrendous things said to them. To one friend at about 20 weeks: "Wow. You're gonna have that baby any day now!!"

Things I didn't expect would be harder: 
Leaning on the bathroom counter to pluck my eyebrows
Making my bath towel wrap all the way around
Not being able to go to the tanning bed
Coughing/sneezing and having that be the only thing I do
Keeping the front of my shirt clean
Sitting comfortably


    1. I feel ya on the difficult tasks. I find trying to relax in general and finding a comfortable position is tough!

    2. Next time I see a food stain running down your shirt I'll pretend not to notice. :)

      There are so many cool things about being pregnant! When I was fully pregnant with twins I could set my cereal bowl on my tummy while i watched t.v.

      I'm glad you are enjoying the journey.

    3. Awhile ago you wrote a blog post about how people would hear you were a newlywed and give a sly smile and say "You'll see" and they just wouldn't let you be happy. Well, I always wanted to riff on that about parenthood. I had so many peopl etell me that it wouldn't be long until I was begging for time alone adn how our marriage would be irrepairably damaged, and I would more or less regret parenthood. Those comments infuriated me! It's been two years and I still don't feel that way. I want to spend every waking moment with my daughter. I don't get tired of her. Our marriage is better than ever. Those people are just dumb and immature.

    4. P.S. I think layette is such a pretty word, but it seems to be ill-fitting. I would never have imagined it to be what it really is. :) It should be like a type of sofa or something.

    5. The sneezing...that was funny....and good to know for 'one day' when I'm in on this 'secrect' too.
      Your blog rocks.


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