Thursday, April 21, 2011

Registry Madness

I recently went to Babies R Us to add some things to my registry. I went to the cute little counter to get my cute little scanner gun and also asked the lady if she'd print me out a copy of my registry so I could see what I've already put on it. "You only have 18 items on your registry?!?!" I assured her that I was just getting started, hence why I needed the gun to add more, but I refrained from adding that the other half of my items are on a Target registry. She then told me, "Not that you have to do this, but there was a lady in here earlier with more than 700 things on her registry. Granted, she is having twins." Good heavens! Even if she duplicated everything, that's still 350 items. I'm proud of my now 32 items, no matter what the sales lady thinks. But I'm still a little paranoid that I'm forgetting some things.

This brings me to the objective of this post. A friend of mine did this on her blog and it seemed to work for her so now it's my turn. For all of you that have already been down this road...

*What items are must haves for new moms? [Especially those that I may be overlooking.]

*What common registry items can I probably do without and shouldn't waste my money on? [i.e. I've had a few moms tell me NOT to get a Diaper Genie.]

Thanks in advance. And no response is too short. I am a sponge for information right now.


  1. Hey that's me! I've found that the closer I get to my due date the more opinionated I become about my registry and I've changed things and added things. My B'R'Us registry is really small and my Target one has a ton of stuff. Maybe you have fewer things on your registry there because Target has better stuff...JK!!

  2. Lots of onsies. White ones in particular b/c you can use them for future boys as well and you can bleach all those poop stains away :). I also love the long sleeve onsies with the fabric that goes over the hands and have my babies in them for several months when they're first born...this keeps them from scratching their cute faces which they do all the time. And I just found that the gloves never stay on.

    I really like the nursing/mommy cover if you're nursing of course.

    I like to have a car seat where the canopy can rotate all the way. That way if the sun is in different positions and you're on a walk or in the car, you can just rotate is all the way up or down.

    I always keep an unopened box of Costco diapers in my basement. This has saved me many times. Newborns go through so many.

    I really like to have the little bath tub that you fill up with water. I have one where there's a piece that comes out once baby is big enough to sit up. I tried the mesh bath thing as well and it didn't go so well. I found that baby got pretty cold unless you stuck it in a baby bath(which that's an extra expense) or filled the normal bath with water which is a lot of water.

    Things I don't love: diaper genies, bobby pillows(I used it for a month or so but that's about it...I may have used it more with baby #1 while getting the nursing thing down), baby shoes unless you get the long, soft boots(your mom got us a pair that we love. They stay on and keep their little feet and legs warm). The other ones never stay on and you'll lose them.

    I'm sure I have an opinion on many other items, but the kids are demanding my attention so I'll leave it at that.

  3. I discovered after having Kathleen and feeling paranoid that I didn't have enough things, you really don't need that much for a baby. Clothes, diapers, more clothes, spit-up rags, wipes, fingernail clippers, bottles (start her early), a pump so you can leave the baby with a bottle and do something like get your hair cut. Baby washcloths and towels aren't that necessary as you probably already have both, and then there isn't another stack to find a place for.

    I got along without a diaper genie with the first two, but broke down and had one shipped to Egypt with Edwin. Diapers don't stink until they're eating solids but then... they stink. And I'm lazy, so diaper genie saves me from having to take out a pail so often.

    I used the Boppy pillow for all three, and a swing can be fairly useful. When they're able to hold their head up, Bumbo seats are wonderful. And to complete the B's, I like my Boba carrier better than a baby Bjorn - the Bjorn is nice when they're small and light, but that lasts about four months.

    I've never owned any type of Exersaucer toy thing with light-up battery-operated toys because I don't like them. Kitchen tools make great toys, and they don't even pay attention to toys until they're at least four months old. I do have, however, a play mat with hoops to hang toys from. Very nice because they can't push them away, and it's entertaining when they can't sit up. I highly recommend.

    Don't worry too much about stuff, though. You'll be going to Target frequently enough that you'll fill in. Good luck!

  4. a boppy, avent binkies, a miracle blanket (swaddling blanket), a bouncer, a clock in baby's room (that can be seen at night) . . .
    i'll keep thinking and let you know. :)

  5. A nightlight....several.

    I think your short list is great. When you really think about it, all a baby really needs is a couple of breasts and a mom who is taking good care of her own body.

  6. Two things I give at every baby shower: Kiddopotamus fleece swaddler. No other swaddlers work as well. You'll get much more sleep each night! And Faded Glory (Walmart's brand) of baby socks - the ONLY socks that stay on newborns feet.

    I really like my Diaper Genie. I held off on getting it for awhile, but I really like it. We have never had a changing table. We just use the floor. I think my mom wishes I had one. :)

    I agree with Sherwood Family to start on a bottle soon. You might be tempted to just nurse since Jericho will be gone, but down the road you won't be able to have a babysitter or any help. My sis-in-law has struggled with this. We haven't been able to sit for our niece until just barely (she's a year).

    For newborns, I love Pampers Swaddlers diapers. So soft. Off brand baby powder sucks and doesn't shake out. Desitin is the best diaper cream.

    Use Craigslist or garage sales to find things like swings, bassinets, high chairs, strollers, and other baby gear that can be easily disinfected. Swings and Bumbo chairs are life savers!

  7. Oh, and if you don't have one yet, a cushy La-Z-Boy type rocking chair. :)

  8. Oh man, I hope you are ready for all my advice :)

    1-Hated my Diaper Champ(Diaper Genie) Grocery sacks tied up work the best for me. I found that contraption always made the room smell funny.
    2-My kids never really used the bumbo. Jack was too fat and it hurt his legs, and Brooke was too strong and flopped herself out of it all the time.
    3-I am a bouncie chair addict. My kids live in them. I have 3 for this baby. One for each of the most used rooms. This way I don't have to carry them around.
    4-Baby shoes sure are cute, but my children never actually wore or kept on shoes until about six months.
    5-I LOVE LOVE LOVE my temporal thermometer!
    6-My Video monitor was the best investment ever! If you are a paranoid parent like me, you can even hear the baby breathing in it. I still use them on both my kids :)
    7-a Wipe Warming machine was the dumbest gift I ever recieved. It took up half of the changing table, had a disastrous cord, and seemed ridiculous. I can't believe I ended up receiving 2 of those things.
    8-Breast pump. I have a Medela Manual one and I rent the big mother ship Medela Double Pump. And completely worth it! That double pump can pump you clean in like 5 minutes. Major life saver for me who has limited time.
    9-I really like my boby pillow.
    10-I couldn't live without a changing table.
    11-A touch lamp or a dimmer switch in the nursery. Really helped for all those middle of the night poopy diapers. Turning on the main light blinds us all :)
    12- Even if you don't plan on bottle feeding, I would buy a few. I ended up back in the hospital a few days after having Jack and we were desperate for some bottles for Grandma to feed him with.
    13-Okay, this one is totally personal...but it helped me. My friend suggested that if I was going to nurse, I should take a washcloth and rough up my nips in the shower starting a month or so before my due date. Totally worked! I have never had sore nips when nursing, which I hear is unbearable ;) okay, that might have been TMI. I will stop now ;)

  9. Baby advice is so funny. I remember going through the same thing 2 years ago. And we only had 2 weeks of notice! So much baby stuff is personal - one person loves one thing and someone else hates it and thinks it's a waste. It just goes to show that different things work for different people and babies have their own preferences too! Good luck deciphering all the madness and just figure it out as you go. It seems so overwhelming but it really isn't that bad. All you really need to start with is a carseat, some clothes, and a boob or two!

  10. I like the Ergobaby over the bjorn. They can be in them for a lot longer and be worn on your chest or on your back (when they are bigger). Plus they have a great pocket on them for keys and cellphones!

    Loved the miracle blanket- my kids could wiggle out of any other kind.

    bouncy seat

    a stroller is important. i did an insane amount of research on a good stroller. it's so nice having one easy to put away, doesn't take up a lot of space, etc. I went with the city mini baby jogger and LOVE it. It is a dream stroller.

    camera, baby book, make sure you document milestones and take lots of pictures! It goes too fast ;(

    Also, when it comes to a crib, portacribs are great. We bought this beautiful crib that was probably too much money and Weston totally destroyed it with his teeth. He can take the teething guards right off. The portacribs are breathable (which is nice because they are saying bumpers are relating to SIDS), fold down, and with the mesh siding the baby can't get their legs stuck or lose their pacifier at night. Plus they have super cute patterns that come with mobiles and changing trays. Overall you'd save money not buying those things and a mattress.

    Don't go overboard on toys, Weston hardly plays with any of them.


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