Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Deep-Fried North Carolina

One of my favorite things about North Carolina is the State Fair. Just as most that are devoted to their home states, we all truly believe that everything from or in our home state is the best of its kind [i.e. for NC- Krispy Kreme donuts, Bojangles, beaches, fall foliage, pigs, cigarettes]. With most places, these superior claims could arguably be true. [Except for Texas and Canadia.] And thus it will be true for the NC State Fair. I didn't think it was all THAT special. I assumed that everyone's state fairs included ample deep-fried weird things, pig races, cow auctions, demolition derbies, mull-pulls and the like. This year, I noticed through Facebook just how many NC emigrants throughout the country voiced their longing for the happenings of the NC fair since their new respective state's fair didn't measure up.

When I first started taking pictures at the fair this year, I thought how cool it would be to do a photo journey of all that can be found at the fair. But alas, not only was it raining when we got there so the nice camera was left in the car, but there is no WAY I could capture everything in one trip. So here is a small snapshot of our fair experience this year.

First stop is the Methodist Church ham biscuits! And some pretty tasty onion rings. 

We didn't even come close to being tempted to try this. I think I got indigestion just getting close enough to take a picture. Ew.
We did, however, chow down on fried mac-n-cheese and PB&J. I know that mug looks like it should be frothing over with beer but it's just some tasty Pappy's soda.
The boy loves him some peanut butter.

Toured inside the buildings. Aside from the homemade contests people enter, the rest are like a giant collision of infomercials and a flea market.

Speaking of contests. Did you know you could win a blue ribbon for table decorating? I think I've found a competition to aspire to next year.
Joined up with mom and Krissy and Wade later in the evening and shared some cheese steaks and fried Snickers. Lesson learned- don't wear black when eating food covered in powdered sugar.
Stopped by the produce and cow display. The fair isn't ALL about eating...
These were some HUGE cows. All the cows/calves hanging out matched except for these two. She felt a little out of place since it was clear paternity was a surprise once the baby was born. 

$10 to ride the Ferris Wheel. I took a picture instead.


  1. Love your night pics! They turned out spectacular! And that deep fried mac-n-cheese is on my must try list for next year! LOOKS SO GOOD!

  2. I agree with you; NC has the best state fair. It's been 10 years, and every fall I miss it. I think the mac n' cheese might be worth the plane ticket.

  3. I'm hungry now. Was that really a burger with donuts as buns?

  4. Okay, that's gross. Reminds me of the doughnut I saw at a fancy doughnut store: maple doughnut with bacon on top. No thank you.

  5. Ah, I love the fair. Now I miss mine. Of course I went to it two months ago - but that just means I'll have to wait ten more months to go again. Fried stuff with cheese. Mmmm.

  6. I like the ferris wheel pix. We also took a pass on Krispy Kreme burger, but did try the Texas Chili Frito pie ... it was excellent, but as you can probably imagine, it wreaked havoc on my stomach later.


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