Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mustang 101

Jericho and I were in a music store this weekend buying new drumsticks. Actually, Jericho was buying new drumsticks and I was pretending I knew how to play a djembe. The salesman told us that all the kits were on sale that day (4th of July sale) so I told Jericho that we should buy me a kit and we can have matching drum sets. He responded with, "You just want everything that I have!!" Apparently now we have sibling rivalry in our marriage.

This isn't the first thing that I have coveted. This weekend we also went to the National Mustang Show at the NC State Fairgrounds. As we walked around looking at the all the beautiful cars, I told Jericho that I wanted an old one too (but I want a blue one) and he can teach me how to fix it up and then we could have matching Mustangs. Wouldn't that be fun? I'm still trying to sell him on the idea.

The Mustang show (thanks to Trevor for telling us about it) was really cool. Being only a novice when it comes to Mustang appreciation, and still having a good time, I can only imagine how much fun Jericho was having. I love having him teach me about every minute detail that differentiates each of the cars. His knowledge continues to astound me. I looked up some comparable pricing for some of the cars that were there and some were in the 100k range. Good. Gracious. America sure loves their pony car. My camera died about half-way through our visit so I didn't get all of the pictures I'd hoped for. Here are a few.


  1. That is so great! You guys would look way hot in matching mustangs lol. ps-the pics are fabulous!

  2. Joel and I drove past that on Saturday! Did Jericho get to show off his car too?

  3. News flash: you're married to JJB, what he has, you have!!!

  4. Haha..I like that, and it's true. Actually, it's what's his is yours and what's yours in yours:)


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