Friday, June 12, 2009

Fighting the early signs of aging

The other day I was standing in line at Target and overheard a conversation between two girls behind me. They seemed about college freshman age, decked out in the UNC paraphernalia purchased from the cutesy section of the college bookstore (i.e. pink oversized sweats instead of the traditional school colors). One pulled the current NOW CD from the shelf (I think it was NOW 247), and began to read off the songs and declare what an awesome CD it was. For those that don't know, the NOW CDs - full name, NOW that's what I call music!- are the CDs of the current top Pop songs. They have been making them since I was in high school. I never purchased one then though I did listen to that music. Currently, I would rather slide down a banister of razor blades than purchase a NOW CD.

Upon hearing this conversation, it made me realize that I'm starting to become one of those people that is so distanced from the young generation of teeny boppers, that I'm making mental judgments on how much better I am because I'm not longer like them. Growing older is like taking progressive steps outside of the bubble that covers each of our respective life phases. And with each step, certain realities are made a bit more evident. The following are a few examples of these, sometimes haunting, realities that I have been noticing in my life.

One that has been a little troubling is that I no longer have the same retail shopping endurance. I have become a quest shopper only. For example, if I need a new pair of jeans, I go to American Eagle (usually online first and if I find that they have what I want, I go to the actual store so I don't have to pay shipping), see if they have my size, grumble while I deliberate if I'm actually going to try them on, end up trying them on, buy them, and go home. Gone are the days of going to the mall just for the sake of going to the mall. Not that I was ever one of the girls that would meet up with friends at the food court and shop as a disguise to check out hot boys hanging out at the Sbarro. Regardless, I no longer have the patience to search through store after store for a super-cute top or killer strappy heels. I now get bored after about 30 minutes, get an Orange Julius and call it a day.

I was once told that when you started choosing comfort/practicability over fashion is a sign that you are no longer young and in style. I have reached a point where this might be true. I have not resorted to wearing sweats and a fanny pack everywhere or shopping out of the Lands End catalog but if I'm not at work, I am frequently seen in basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Who do I have to impress?? Clearly no one.

It's understood that Jericho is pretty much the cutest boy ever, but I do find myself pretty capable in seeing various ways other males can be attractive to women. I do not, however, have any part of me that finds teenage guys attractive who weigh 110 pounds and wear their 10 year old sister's jeans. I know one of the ultimate signs of being un-cool and past the times is when you bash on the modern trends. Whatever. Gross is gross.

As a teenager, it felt like we went to the movies every weekend. If it wasn't a full price movie, it was a cheap one at Blue Ridge that we'd already seen 3 times. With this year as an exception - since there have been and will be some rockin movies this year - I no longer have the same desire to watch movies or am entertained by as many. I have either developed ADD and can no longer manage to sit in one place long enough to watch a movie or the movies are getting worse. Or I'm too narcissistic to have any interests in anything other than myself.

While those are not hugely dramatic changes in my life, it's still enough to make the progression of my age all that more obvious. I am still at a point where I can pluck my 3 gray hairs so clearly I'm not ready to embrace complete aging just yet. I still take comfort in the fact that I'm the youngest in my office by 7 years and that most of the partners have kids my age.


  1. I do the same thing. I must be old, even though I don't realize it. I have a few NOW cds if you want to borrow them.

  2. Oh man. So half of this I feel a strong kinship with...the other half not so much. I do the exact same thing when I hear younger kids talking.."psh I'm better than you because I'm from a way cooler generation!" And I do not find the new male fashion trend the least bit attractive...give me a manly man wearing a pair of non-fitted jeans any day!
    However, I still shop (just not at the mall..can't STAND all the kids)I LOOOVE shopping and wearing hot fashion trends or making my own. So I've still got a ways before I experience the old lady syndrom you're going through :-)

  3. Haha! It's not old lady syndrome! It's moreso I-get-frustrated-because-nothing-looks-cute-on-me-and-I'm-poor-so-who-cares! syndrome... Maybe I need to start shopping with you and you can help find me cute trendy clothes!

  4. I could say so much...but I'll just say this. Following your logic, then 50++ year-olds, aka old ladies and old men are far superior, smarter and wiser than the under forty group.


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