Thursday, May 14, 2009

Content Pending

Being back from they honeymoon and back at work, I realized it was probably time to direct some attention back to the blog. I feel so empty not having somewhere to record all the haps from the past few weeks of my life. Alas, that time has not quite come. For now, the first task on revisiting the blog was a makeover, as you can see. Thoughts? Comments? Complaints? It was time for something new. So I picked something new. And a little more refined.

The other reason this is mainly just a filler post is because I do not have wedding pictures yet. It's not even been two weeks so I'm not expecting them to be ready by now. Rest assured, there will be pretty pictures to look at. Let's be honest, who wants to read boring recitations on politics when there are pretty, pretty pictures!!

The second reason why this is a filler is because my personal computer is dead [mac]. I know not why. It just is [mac]. I came back from my honeymoon [mac] after leaving it in the custody of my family, [mac] and it was dead, to no fault of theirs though. I think it's just [mac] getting old. It has been acting up over the last few months and I've been [mac] dropping hints to Jericho that maybe it's [mac] time to replace it since it is over 4 years old. Not sure what I'll replace it with though... hm....

With my computer being dead and the fact that we don't have internet at our apartment yet, I only have internet when using Jericho's computer, where any recent pictures are housed, or at work, where there are no pictures. Plus, I work at work. Mostly.

So with that, all I have to say is, pictures are coming. Lots and lots of pictures. This was just a new post to voice that I am in fact home and gearing back up the blog.


  1. Oh, no(about your lap top)! I'm sorry to hear it couldn't be fixed. We're excited for your pictures! Will you get some on a disc? I want a big one of the whole family picture we took outside the reception. Let us know when they're in.

  2. YAY! I look forward to reading your blog and am SO happy it's back. As for the new layout, it is very refined, a little stark for my taste but as long as it makes you happy :-) and you continue to post.
    Hope you're able to talk Jericho into getting you that new computer... mac was it ;-)


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