Thursday, August 14, 2008

How to celebrate the month of August

I don't know about yall but I am getting tired of looking at the same old post on my blog. I've had no blogging inspiration lately. Hence the lull. I thought about posting something every day for the month of August in honor of it being my birthday month. There are no national holidays in the month of August. It's the only month without one (for those of you that doubt, go here and see for yourself). Therefore I encourage all those in need of a holiday to celebrate in August, feel free to celebrate my birthday. I don't care about you sending me presents or anything. You can just take a moment on the 16th, eat a bowl of ice cream and that should be fine.

Birthdays are pretty fab. It's like your own taylor-made holiday. Anything goes cuz hey! It's your birffday! Over the years
I haven't had too many big celebrations for my birthday. A couple of years ago, some friends threw a suprise party for a few of us that have birthdays on the same day or close to. I was excited to have my very first surprise party. Last year we had a big party at my house (again for the same group of August bday people). For my 16th birthday my brother bought 16 yellow roses and had all my friends deliver them to my one by one at a dance. That one was pretty memorable as well. Then there were those ones as a child that my parents spent in Hawaii and left us with a sitter for a week. I actually don't remember those. They have only been brought back to my recollection after recent visits to the therapist. (jk. love you!) You can read more about that in my memoirs.

In case yall need further reason to celebrate the month of August or August 16th, here are a few factoids about my date of birth:

Share birthday with: Madonna, Steve Carell, Frank Gifford AND Kathy-Lee (lucky!), T.E. Lawrence, James Cameron

Famous deaths: Elvis, Babe Ruth, Margaret Mitchell, Shamu

Unofficial Holidays:
August 2 - Friendship Day
August 15 - Assumption Day

Days in History:
1777- American forces win Battle of Bennington (Revolutionary War)
1858- President James Buchanan inaugurates the new transatlantic telegraph cable by exchanging greetings with Queen Victoria
1954 - First Publication of Sports Illustrated
1982- (Time Magazine) Ongoing Lebanese Civil War

Magazine covers from August 16, 1982 and the first issue of SI from 1954


  1. I like how you have a count down til your last day at work :), you must be pretty excited! Have you figured out where you're going to live yet? Have a happy birthday! We'll try and eat some icecream in honor of your special day :).

  2. You can also celebrate my birthday on August 21st. Happy Bday C Kel. Hope its a good one!

  3. August 15th is also National Relaxation Day - according to the e-mail I got from Massage Envy.

  4. Happy Birthday! (early) You should have a big party just for you though! That way people can not only eat ice cream in honor of your day but they can eat ice cream WITH YOU on your day :-D

  5. You forgot to write in Claire Balsley in the line that stated who you shared a birthday with. I feel like I should be ranked up with the likes of Madonna and Kathy-Lee.

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